Saturday, April 20, 2013

Diet to conceive a girl

      While one of the other responders was correct about the male sperm determing the sex of the baby, the conditions inside the vagina (alkaline vs. acidic) determine which sperm cells will survive the longest prior to conception, thereby increasing the likelyhood of one gender over the other.Do you have  this Question  how to Diet to conceive a girl  ? The Diet for a Boy: 6 weeks before trying to conceive, eliminate all calcium from your diet. Load up on potasium. Tomatoes/banana, etc. Some doctors participating in this study even prescribed Slow K (potasium supplement). After trying for 2-3 days to conceive during your ovulation, go into OB/GYN for a blood draw pregnancy test. If you are pregnant, immediately introduce calcium back into your diet. You don't want to be depleted in calcium (or any other vitamin) while carrying a pregnancy. The success rate of this study was in the 80% range at the time

How to get pregnant with twins

           What do you miss most about not being pregnant? (2 things) get pregnant with twins?  normal sex with my DH & cracking my back What do you think you'll miss most about being pregnant? with my first, it was the closeness of having the baby inside you - but once he was born I realized you still have the closeness of being together all the time but then you also get to receive the love of your child. this time I think I will miss the anticipation of meeting my child. Worst comment you've heard about your pregnancy? are you having twins? (2nd pregnancy, and no - it's a singleton). Best compliment you've gotten since being pregnant? DH: you are even more beautiful when you are pregnant. Biggest fear about being a mom? well, I'm already a mom - but I'm just nervous about how my second child will affect my relationship with my first. I think this is normal, so I'm just giving it up to the universe that it will all work out. Thing you're looking forward to the most about motherhood? receiving the love of TWO children has got to be even better than one!